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mark knopfler

basic information




basic information

release date


recording British Grove Studios, London (01.14. - 10.14)
mixing Guy Fletcher assisted by Joe Kearns, Jason Elliott, Andy Cook and Martin Hollis
mastering Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering Studios, Portland, Maine
production Mark Knopfler and Guy Fletcher
credits my thanks to all who cam along
first and foremost to my co-pilot Guy Fletcher, for another grand trip together
to Ruth and the players, Guy, Glenn, Ianto, Mike, John, Phil, Bruce, Nigel and Tom
to Kitty
to Paul Kemmerley
to my pa, Robyn Becker
to my guitar tech, Glenn Saggers
to David Stewart and all at Bristish Grove Studios keeping their levels high
to Paul Crockford and all at pcm management
to Ronnie Harris
to James Harman
and to the friends out there
here's to you
i'll see you down the road


knopfler, mark all guitars (terz guitar [2,3,5,11,13]), mandolin [3], vocals
fletcher, guy all keyboards, bass [3,6], ukulele [4]
mccusker, john fiddle and cittern
mcgoldrick, mike whistle and wooden flute, tenor guitar [1,8]
worf, glenn upright and electric bass
thomas, ian drums, washboard [4]
moody, ruth vocals [2,4,7,11,13,16]
hitchcock, nigel sax [3,11]
walsh, tom trumpet [11]
molsky, bruce additional fiddle [1,5], acc rhythm guitar [8], banjo [12,16]
cunningham, phil accordion [1,5,8,17]


  1. laughs and jokes and drinks and smokes (6:41)
  2. Basil (5:45)
  3. river towns (6:17)
  4. skydiver (4:38
  5. mighty man (5:55
  6. broken bones (5:30)
  7. long cool girl (5:06)
  8. lights of Taormina (6:09)
  9. silver eagle (5:02)
  10. Beryl (3:11)
  11. wherever I go (6:25)

bonus tracks

  1. .38 special (2:48)
  2. my heart has never changed (3:49)
  3. terminal of tribute to (5:52)
  4. heart of oak (1:45)
  5. time will end all sorrow (2:59)
  6. Oklahoma ponies (5:20)
  7. hot dog (2:53)



Tracker : Mark Knopfler ; a film / by Hentik Hansen | Mark Knopfler : an interview with acoustic excerpts from selected songs from the album / filmed by Tom Bird [DVD]


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